The 5 Best Bamboo Cutting Boards for 2023

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Mess not, fuss not- an excellent bamboo board and then some.
Curves are in darling- an oblong board with a handmade touch.
Finally! A bamboo board that lets you choose its shape and color.
Double handle, large cutting surface makes this a very adaptable choice.
Why have one bamboo cutting board when you can have three?

When it comes to cutting boards, bamboo is a no-brainer. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, bamboo thrives in a kitchen environment with an impressive buffet of benefits. The very nature and function of traditional cutting boards mean users can expect a lot of wear and tear, which, when mixed with these boards’ tendency to retain water, can lead to unwanted bacteria, flavor build-up, and odors- a big no-no in any food space. 

I’ve perused the growing world of available bamboo cutting boards to find out what makes the cut and what gets the chop. 

Why bamboo cutting boards?

Bamboo is a hard density, low maintenance wood that resists water absorption and cracking, keeping unwanted build-up and health hazards at bay. With correct maintenance and washing (generally: hot water and soap or a mild dilution of eco-friendly bleach), a good bamboo board is in it for the long haul, baby. 

I love bamboo cutting boards for merging a modern look and feel with an eco-friendly heart. Easily grown and renewable bamboo scores high in the environmental department, which means there’s no more irony in chopping your organic, locally-grown veggies on a slab of chemically-treated, unsustainable wood- phew! 

Let alone plastic cutting boards!

Napoleon PRO Bamboo Cutting Board with Bowl

Best Overall

I can't count the number of times I’ve attempted the great balancing act of keeping my freshly chopped ingredients on my chopping board only to get more on the floor and counters than in my cooking.

While rattling my fists and cursing the culinary gods is a temporary salve, Napoleon and their ingenious boards have a much MUCH better solution. The brand’s PRO Bamboo Cutting Board is an elevated board that comes with two stainless steel bowls that conveniently fit beneath the boards to offload and store freshly-chopped ingredients easily.

To make magic out of what is already a kitchen god-send, the board also comes with a trough to capture any juices and spills- absolute *chef kisses*.

If I had to nitpick, the bowls could be a bit more of a snug fit to prevent slipping. All in all,  the added convenience, speed, hygiene, and clean-up ability for my kitchen earns this quality cutting board a whopping gold star.

Bamboo Artisan Cutting & Serving Board - Large

Best Aesthetic

The Ultimate Green Store is a treasure trove of ...well, everything eco-friendly really. Their featured bamboo cutting board is not only 100% organic but proudly boasts only using water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives in its composition.

Its curved finish is executed by hand sanding, which adds a personal touch and organic look and feel. The final touch is a food-safe oil that further protects the already-sturdy wood from scratches and absorbing flavors.

I loved that even the packaging is 100% recyclable which means their sourcing, execution, and send-off is a cut above most when it comes to conscientious consumerism.

While I loved the oblong shape, others might not enjoy losing much-needed cutting space for the sake of an aesthetically pleasing design. The board dimensions are 19" x 10.5" - grab the measuring tape before you hit buy!

The Cutting Board Company Bamboo Cutting Board

Best Variance

Once you’ve set your heart on a bamboo cutting board, shopping around for one can feel like one beige board after another. While some boards differentiate with nifty add-ons and shapes, those of us looking for no-fuss chopping boards might struggle to find a regular rectangular bamboo cutting board that offers variance.

As someone who likes to be involved in the shopping process (the product’s color, size, and finish), I really loved The Cutting Board Company’s options. Not only is the high-quality natural edge bamboo eco-friendly, durable, food-safe, and low-maintenance but, upon checkout, you can choose between two color and three size options to ensure the board is the perfect fit for your kitchen and cooking needs. 

I like to research to see how others feel about products I review, to make sure I'm not entirely alone in my recommendation, and looking online I found that some customers did not enjoy the board’s texture and felt the need to buy their own food-grade oil to achieve a finish they enjoyed. I think this boils down to texture preference and will probably not suit people sensitive to rougher sensations. I, however, enjoyed a more rustic finish and had no issues with the boards' texture or ability to live up to the bamboo legacy.

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board

Biggest Board

A bamboo cutting board that can double up as a serving tray is the best of both worlds: make the food and share it.

I really loved Royal Craft Wood’s Bamboo Cutting Board for not only ticking all the bamboo benefit boxes but also for its accommodating size. As a foodie, I love creating smorgasbords, be it for a hoard of guests or just me on the couch when cooking a full meal is out of the question(and yes, an assortment of marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies counts as dinner).

The board’s double handles mean food preparation and serving are much easier, especially when considering its size. If you want a flexible cutting board - Royal Craft may be for you.

My board arrived pristine and ready for action but my friend, who got the same board, found that the thick edge grain finish splintered easily. As accidents do happen. If you get a damaged board I highly recommend initiating a return through the company and trying again because this board has seen a big, and I mean BIG, change in my food prep and hosting game.

Royal craft wood- Wood Cutting Boards for Kitchen - Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Best Set

There’s one thing better than a good bamboo cutting board and that’s three. I love this three-piece set from Royal Craft Wood for being excellent in the cutting and serving board departments.

The quality bamboo composition means these boards are easy on your knives and deter bacteria and odor build-up. For added peace of mind, the brand’s money-back guarantee ensures any disappointed buyers will be refunded - a nice touch when buying something online.

My boards arrived in perfect quality and in the framing color option I’d chosen (bonus points for customizable features). I loved that I could use the medium board for chopping, the large board for serving, and, right at the end, use the smallest board for holding the small dessert add-ons like chocolate shavings and lemon zest.

I was a bit concerned about the durability and strength of these boards - some research online found at least a few angry customers whose boards split down the middle! At least the money-back guarantee will cover such a slice of bad luck.

If you're thinking of moving on from your wood cutting board,  I can definitely recommend this set for the more serious foodies among us who enjoy variance and can handle multiple working stations in the kitchen.


Does bamboo make a good cutting board?

Bamboo's host of benefits make it an excellent wood for cutting boards. The high-density bamboo material is scratch and water-resistant, which means they're easy on knives and deter wear and tear as well as bacteria and odor build-up. Bamboo scores high in the eco-friendly department too which means it's as good for the planet as it is at optimizing food preparation and serving.

How do you disinfect a bamboo cutting board?

It's suggested that bamboo boards are hand-washed with warm water and soap or a mild dilution of eco-friendly bleach and water. These low-maintenance boards don't need much to last you for years. Definitely do not machine wash with your cutlery.

Do bamboo cutting boards hold bacteria?

Unlike regular cutting boards, bamboo boards are high-density and scratch/bacteria resistant. They are the perfect material for leveling up hygiene and food safety in the kitchen.


When it comes to the best cutting boards, it turns out bamboo may be a cut above the rest. The wood's density combines with its scratch and water resistance to create a board optimized for elevated food preparation and serving.

I chopped and changed through a few of the internet's most recommended bamboo boards to find the best in the biz. Turns out, nifty add-ons won over my heart and soul, which is why Napoleon PRO Bamboo Cutting Board is my top pick. The board's elevated design and secreted bowls make food preparation easier, tidier, and way more fun.

Some of my other favorite cutting boards are the Bamboo Cutting Board Set, which doubles as a serving board and provides variance in function as well as customizable color options upon checkout. And big love to the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board for its accommodating size, which means it can hold multiple chopped ingredients and double as a sizeable serving board.

After using bamboo as a cutting board, and in other areas of my quest for zero-waste life, I'm sold. If you're using wooden boards, glass cutting boards, or (worst of all) a plastic cutting board - consider trying bamboo. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

If we've managed to win you over on the bamboo front, check out our article on the best bamboo pillows to eco-proof your bedroom too!

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