SOLVED: The Best Eco-Friendly Pillow of 2023

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Ethical, organic, adjustable- for ultimate sleeping bliss.
Best Variety: Natural Wool Pillows
Various options, luxurious comfort, organic- invest in excellent, ethical sleep.
No-fuss comfort for all types of sleeper.
Green sleep at a great price.
Healthy, natural, comfortable- pure organic comfort.
Dynamic, enduring, adjustable- many pillows in one.

When you care about the environment, there's a big difference between sleeping and resting assured. Since we spend nearly half our lives snoozing, ensuring how and what we use to sleep is sustainable is as important as the practices and products we use in our waking hours.

While commercial pillows might boast a plethora of perks, they’re often products of synthetic, harsh ingredients and unethical working conditions. As a healthier alternative, eco-friendly pillows enter the chat. Created with sustainability and blissful rest in mind, these pillows are not just good for the planet but often come with a host of benefits that promote healthy, comfortable sleep.

Wherever you are on your eco journey, a greener sleeping routine will ensure your day starts and ends with the planet in mind and I don't know about you, but that sure helps me sleep at night.

Now, indulge me in a little pillow talk as I unpack my favorite eco-pillows. I've taken care of the research so that you can take care of the rest... get it (wink wink).

Handmade Natural Wool Pillow

Best Overall

Sure, we've all counted sheep but turns out you can count on them too. For a good night's sleep that is.

Plushbed's Handmade Natural Wool pillow combines sustainable resources with ethical practicals to create certified organic products as good for you and your sleep as they are for the environment. The Californian company uses green practices to ethically source their wool from sheep that are treated humanely.

I love that no harsh sourcing agents, dyes, or chemicals are added to the collected wool which means it's naturally non-toxic and hypoallergic. The organic pillow is also naturally temperature regulating which is great if you're like me and prone to overheating.

There was very little time between choosing from the three size options (alas, there are no color options) and the pillow arriving. I was blown away by the quality and speed of their service and, by having a glance at the reviews, I'm not the only one. The pillow was generously stuffed, which I personally enjoy but those who prefer a different feel can remove stuffing to their ideal firmness. Just keep the stuffing somewhere safe in case you'd like to readjust your firmness at a later point.

Since I'm always on the go, I was hoping for these gems to be machine-washable but, unfortunately, they need to be spot-cleaned.

Perks aside, Plushbeds is an excellent company to support. With their education incentives and major charity support, I was delighted to support an ethical brand and receive a quality product in return. All in all, the Handmade Natural Wool pillows are a clear winner for zero waste warriors like myself!

Natural Wool Pillows

Best Variety

Variety is the spice of life, which is why I love the ethicality and options you get with Natural Wool Pillows. First of all, they're handmade, and you can see and feel the care that goes into their craft. While their stuffing is comprised of Premium Eco-wool batting, the pillows are covered with a gorgeous cotton sateen fabric.

Due to their natural wool stuffing, they were high scorers in the realms of softness and comfort- highly favored features when one is pillow-shopping. I felt supported and comfortable whether I was sleeping or relaxing in bed and it quickly became my comfort companion. I really love that from cover to filling, Natural Wool Pillows are organic and sustainable. Add to that their variety in size and thickness, and the fact that they are machine-washable, and you've got yourself a pillow dream.

Sure, these pillows are on the pricier side of things but with a list of perks that impressive, Natural Wool Pillows are not just an investment in your sleep routine but an investment in your commitment to a life that is cohesively green.

Downluxe Down Alternative Standard Size Pillows (2 Pack)

Best for Wriggly Sleepers

I'm a restless sleeper. One minute I'm on my back and the next I'm upside down in a yoga position I could hardly muster when awake. Since I can't commit to one sleeping position, the Downluxe Down Alternative pillows were a blessing due to their ability to support people who are stomachs, sides, and/or back sleepers.

Beyond their ability to accommodate various sleep positions, the Downluxe Down Alternative Pillows are filled with a Premium Bamboo and polyester blend and covered with a 100% cotton cover. They offer a down pillow replacement which means their stuffing is malleable and requires regular fluffing to maintain its shape. This combination finds the sweet spot between being both supportive and soft, which makes for a more comfortable, breathable, and durable pillow.

I really loved that you could pop them in the machine for a quick wash and then join them outside for some sunbathing as per their care instructions.

These pillows are truly no-fuss (fluffing aside) and deliver on their promise of comfortable, supported sleep. I think they're an excellent go-to for maximum comfort.

BioPedic Eco-Classic 250-Thread Count Standard

Most Affordable

Going green doesn't have to hurt the wallet. While a lot of eco-friendly pillows boast organic fibers and materials, opting for products that use recycled materials is no less eco-friendly. The BioPedic Eco-Classic pillows are an excellent example of this.

Filled with recycled polyester fiberfill, each pillow is impressively lofty. Polyester is naturally hypoallergenic so sensitive sleepers can enjoy sneeze and scratch-free snoozing. While the filling is made with synthetic materials, these pillows have a luxury 250 thread organic cotton cover so your direct contact with the pillow is both smooth and soft. The lining has, however, been known to degrade quickly and does not score high marks in the durability department.

The wriggly worms among us will love this pillow's ability to work with all sleeping positions thanks to the fiberfill's ability to mold to your shape while still maintaining its loftiness and providing strong support for your neck and upper spine.

This bundle comes with a pack of four standard-sized pillows which, considering the price, are excellent value for money. To keep them clean, simply pop them into the machine, and voila!

I recommend these pillows for anyone trying to incorporate a green sleeping routine on a budget.

Bean Products Wheat Dreamz Japanese Pillow

Best Support

Turnouts buckwheat's not only great in gluten-free pancakes - it makes an excellent pillow filling too!

Bean Products are all about excellent sleep and their Wheat Dreamz pillow proves it. The natural hull is organic but firm enough to provide support that is evenly distributed over the whole pillow, which molds itself to the shape of your head and neck conforming to your personal sleeping needs.

Chiropractors and health professionals covet grain pillows for their ability to support the head, neck, and spine which means these come highly recommended to anyone prone to tenderness or injuries while sleeping. Thanks to their composition, these pillows are also thermodynamic which means they're breathable and helps prevent you from overheating.

As for the buckwheat itself? Well, it's organically grown so you can rest assured knowing none of the not-so-good pesticides or herbicides have made their way into your pillow filling. It should be known that buckwheat has its own smell that can be picked up when sleeping. Some people found it offputting but I enjoyed how it smelt organic and natural.

On top of its excellent comfort and promotion of healthy sleep, these gems are produced locally and with sustainability in mind - you can enjoy years of use while supporting a local, long-standing business as committed to sustainability as you are.

Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Latex Pillow

Best Customization

A good pillow is the maker of restful sleep and my goodness, does Naturepedic know how to make a good pillow.

What stood out immediately was the Organic 2-in-1 Latex pillow's customization options. I could easily add or remove filler thanks to the pillow's easy-access zipper and flip between its smoother quilted side or stretchier side for more depth depending on my preference. I do wish they had an option for extra stuffing for added firmness and support.

These organic pillows are free of harmful chemicals to ensure you can sleep and breathe easily. Thanks to the certified organic cotton and shredded natural latex, these pillows are responsive, resilient, and bounce back without needing to regularly fluff.

Besides the pillows' perks, I loved supporting a brand that was so committed to ethical business practices and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

I recommend the Organic 2-in-1 Latex pillow to ethical consumers looking for variety, comfort, and low maintenance in a single pillow.


Are pillows biodegradable?

Whether or not a pillow is biodegradable depends on its composition. Organic materials like cotton and wool will easily break down and thus be considered biodegradable while materials such as memory foam are synthetic and would not break down easily or be considered biodegradable.

What are good eco-friendly materials for pillows?

Eco-friendly pillows can be made from organic, ethically sourced materials such as wool, cotton, and latex or from recycled, non-toxic materials such as polyester. So long as the materials are aligned with the spirit of sustainability and good for the environment, they can be considered eco-friendly.

Would you recommend bamboo pillows?

Personally, I think bamboo is a great eco-friendly pillow material choice. In fact, I reviewed bamboo-only pillows and wrote another guide to bamboo pillowcases so be sure to check them out.

Final Thoughts

Sustainable living should cover your life from A to Zzzzs. Since we spend a large part of our lives sleeping, the bedroom and, more importantly, our sleep routines, should not be overlooked when switching to more sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle practices.

We start and end our day upon a pillow which is why they're a great place to start when looking to make your bedroom more aligned with sustainable living.

As my overall winner, I love the Handmade Natural Wool Pillow for being as ethical as they are deliciously comfortable. For their variety and uniqueness, I also love the buckwheat-filled Bean Products Wheat Dreamz Japanese Pillow which is not only excellent for promoting sleeping health but also a sensorial organic experience. Lastly, I love the Naturepedic Organic 2-in-1 Latex Pillows for being so customizable they feel like many pillows in one.

I'm sure you're feeling a bit snoozy after this lengthy read. Good thing you now have a few opinions on where to rest your weary head for a snooze that is as good for you as it is for the planet.

If you're looking for more eco-friendly bedlinen options, they are just a click away.

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