The 6 Best Reusable Menstrual Cups for High Cervix

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Our Picks

Best Overall: MermaidCup
Comfortable, sustainable, and easy-to-use- a cup for maximum period bliss.
Best for Heavy Flow: The XO Flo Menstrual Cup
Long use, maximum comfort, with unique folding options- a cup for peace of mind and period confidence.
Best for Moms: DivaCup
Hours of use, fuss-free, and easy-to-use- The Diva cup has your back... and front.
Best for Beginners: Lena Cup
Hours of use, comfortable, suitable for active lifestyles- perfect for period newbies.
Best Customization: MeLuna
Brimming with options, easy-to-use, and uniquely yours: the cup with a personal touch.
Easiest to Use: Venus Menstrual Cup
Easy insertion and removal, resilient, leak-free confidence- the perfect period companion.

Sure, periods aren't exactly reason to get out the confetti cannons and boogie but that doesn't mean they have to be a total pity party either. The right period companion can do wonders in adding comfort, confidence, and peace to menstruation. But what might this elusive period companion be, you might ask? Enter: menstrual cups, stage left.

Menstrual cups have long won me over. As a huge victory for green consumerism and empowerment, these little cups are helping people cut down on waste and expenses with a single product offering years of use.

When shopping around for a new menstrual cup, shape, size, and composition are the obvious things to consider. However, an often-overlooked and hugely influential factor in the comfort and ease of use of a menstrual cup is the placement of one's cervix.

A menstrual cup for high cervix (as opposed to a low cervix) placement means we need to pay extra attention to the specific size, grip, and tail adjustability of a menstrual cup. 

If you're looking for low cervix menstrual cups - head over to my low cervix cup reviews.

Here are my top picks on the high cervix menstrual cups:


Best Overall

The MermaidCup is loved for its insane amount of color options, but it's not just a pretty face. The team behind these menstrual cups did thorough research using 40 different profiles to create a cup that was designed with the diversity of women in mind.

The MermaidCup has a customizable stem to cater to users with both low and high cervixes- most people with high cervixes will leave the stem as is to ensure a quick and easy removal.

As for the design? Well, it's seamless... and I mean literally. This cup boasts a 360°  beautiful finish for added comfort during wear and insertion/removal. Thanks to its medical-grade silicone and grip, the cup perfectly molds to the walls of your vaginal canal. A precise fit can sometimes make it difficult to remove so be sure to use your cup before making any moves to trim the stem.

When you've managed to pick from one of the 6 gorgeous colors, you can use your age and birthing history to select between the two sizing options (as a rule of thumb: size 1 if for the under 30s who have not given birth and size 2 is for people over 30/who have given birth).

Bonus points for the brand's risk-free, 100-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty should the cup break (the top reason for 1-star reviews across the menstrual cup market).

And then, just to bring it back round to why we love menstrual cups in the first place, MermaidCup is all about naked packaging. So from arrival and throughout its years of use, this cup's got you, your wallet, and the planet in mind.

The XO Flo Menstrual Cup

Best for Heavy Flow

The XO Flo is the overachiever you and your high cervix didn't know you were looking for. With proper care, your XO cup can last for ten years- that's one cup for a whopping 120 comfortable, leak-free periods.

If you prefer your menstrual cup to be used but not felt, you'll love the flexible, medical-grade silicone that gently molds itself to your vaginal walls. Heavy flow? No Problem! The bell-shaped cup can hold an impressive 1.3 oz (38ml) of menstrual blood (more than most other cups) thanks to its shape and high-angled release holes.

While the cup has no color options, it makes up for it with unique folding options. The patented support rings allow users to fold an "O" for a soft release, or an "X" for a springy release. No matter your choice in fold and release, the XO promises 12 hours of wear whether you're doing so sleeping or in the throes of competitive dodgeball.

The Cup's soft beaded stem is as comfortable trimmed as it is left. Remember to always remove your cup with your grip as high as possible as the smallest bead is meant to help you find the tail, not to be tugged at- it's very easy to break them when you do.

The XO Flo's size, shape, and design make it the best menstrual cup for those with heavier flows, higher cervixes, and those who have given birth.


Best for Moms

While the DivaCup may sound like a menstrual cup reserved for the Mariah Careys among us, this is a cup to rule them all.

Firstly, the DivaCup is a longer cup so right off the bat, it's perfect for people with a high cervix. With 2 model options available, your age and birthing history will help you pick the best model.

Despite its name, this Diva is a no-fuss-cup! Its composition is 100% medical-grade silicone and free of colors, and additives. You can enjoy 12 hours of use no matter what's on the day's itinerary- gym, work, and play will be life and business as per usual.

Though these cups are great for a range of different ages, flows, and medical histories; they are the best menstrual cups for people over 30 who have given birth. They have been known to cause cramping and discomfort so I advise you to do your research and self-examine to make sure you will benefit from this specific brand.

Lena Cup

Best for Beginners

Lena Cups are all about better periods. Since my life can go from sloth-like relaxation to marathoning through a 3-page to-do list really quickly, I really appreciate the Lena Cup's ability to provide 12 hours of leak-free, comfortable use no matter the day's itinerary.

Ticking all the usual boxes, the Lena Menstrual Cups are made from medical-grade silicone, which are not only good for wear but also provide years of use -- a breathe of relief for the environment too!

Whether you're a first-time bleeder or a period veteran, you can choose between the two cup sizes available to suit your needs. Both menstrual cups will work for a high cervix but choosing the right size for you will boil down to your flow, age, and birthing history.

While the thick Lena rim adds extra firm grip it has caused added pressure and discomfort in some users.

Lena Cups are excellent for anyone but I particularly recommend them for period newbies. I, for one, wish I could have found and used menstrual cups sooner so I highly recommend the Luna Cups for a first-time cup user. After all, we want as many people jumping on the sustainability train as possible, and Lena is an excellent representative of the menstrual cup experience.


Best Customization

With options in size, color, stem, and softness; MeLuna really puts the "me" in menstruation. I love that from order though to use, I was involved in the process. My MeLuna menstrual cup was customized to my taste, flow, shape, and lifestyle.

Choosing a color is up to you, but choosing the size, stem, and softness will boil down to your cervix placement, flow, and prefered thickness level. For those of us with high cervixes, the Standard MeLuna menstrual cups will work best. The bus doesn't stop there though, even within the standard MeLuna bracket there are 4 sizes ranging from small to extra large with the largest size being best for people who have a heavy flow or have given birth.

While thickness is a personal choice, the MeLuna Sport is highly recommended for those with a very active, sporty lifestyle as it is designed to withstand core muscle engagement without discomfort or leaking. Whether you're choosing the MeLuna Sport or Standard (the softer cup), the medical-grade silicone base is soft enough to ensure comfort while still being firm enough to spring open after folding for easy insertion and grip to better hold menstrual fluid without any leaking. Some people have found the firmness made folding a bit trickier.

Though MeLuna offers 4 handle styles, I recommend the stem for people with high cervixes as the added length makes removal easier and discomfort-free.

All in all, the MeLuna menstrual cups are my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a cup perfectly customized and optimized for their bodies and lifestyle.

Venus Menstrual Cup

Easiest to Use

Your venus, your fire, your desire- the Venus Menstrual Cup is a crowd-pleaser. The brand has adapted to years of feedback and suggestions to upgrade and optimize the Venus user experience and it shows. With high praise and plenty of excellent reviews, the Venus Menstrual Cup is hit amongst the period newbies and regulars among us.

While there are two size options, people with high cervixes will benefit from the larger, easier-to-reach size which can accommodate a medium to heavy flow. Made from body-safe, medical-grade silicone, the cup sits comfortably in the vaginal canal offering hours of period bliss so you won't have to worry about your ruining your day or underwear!

Removing a menstrual cup can quickly turn things into a scene from a B-grade slasher film but not with the Venus Cup. These cups are both firm and pliable for an easy release once the cup has been folded and inserted. Removal was also a breeze thanks to the design allowing for maximum contact and a stem comprised of a series of cones that were easy to grip and hard to break. I could tell that a lot of thought went into creating a cup that was easy to insert as it was to remove and for that, the Venus Menstrual Cup won me over.

Let it be known, however, that the cups size and firmness have been known to add discomfort and added pressure- something to consider if you have sensitive pelvic floor muscles.


Are reusable menstrual cups safe?

Reusable menstrual cups are medically safe to use and even encouraged due to their composition being body-safe, medical-grade silicone as opposed to the composition of menstruation alternatives. You can avoid any discomfort or pain by carefully reading the instruction booklet before inserting your cup for the first time.

What is a high cervix?

A high cervix simply means that your uterus and its entrance (the cervix) are positioned higher up in the vaginal cavity. There are no medical implications for having a high cervix but knowing your cervical placement can help better inform decision-making when it comes to choosing the best menstrual cup for you.

How do you measure a high cervix?

A simple home examination is the easiest way to gauge the positioning of your cervix. Remember With washed hands, insert your index finger into your vaginal canal and try to locate your cervix. If you cannot reach your cervix at all then that means you have a high cervix.

How do you insert a menstrual cup with a high cervix?

People with a high cervix will benefit from larger/longer menstrual cups that have adjustable handle grips. Try and avoid trimming your cup's handle until you've used it to gauge if the grip needs any tweaking at all. Remember to carefully read your specific brand's user manual before attempting insertion.

For insertion, first thing's first, relax. Everything's much easier when your body isn't tense- trust me. I suggest you read your menstrual cups guidelines or watch a few online suggestions on folding techniques (I opt for the simple punch fold). Once folded, carefully insert your cup into the vagina until it's just below the cervix. When inserted you may hear the suction sound and don't fret- that's just the sound of your folded cup popping open again and sealing itself to your vaginal walls.

Final Thoughts

While choosing to use menstrual cups is already a step in the right direction towards a zero-waste lifestyle and cutting costs, ensuring you're buying the right menstrual cup for your body and lifestyle can add comfort, confidence, and peace to your time of the month.

People with high cervixes should always consider menstrual cup shape, size, and grip options when choosing a new cup. The Mermaid Cup is my top pick for scoring high across the board. Already ticking the boxes of being sustainable and ethical, the Mermaid Cups is also loved for being comfortable, easy-to-use, and uses its excellent grip to carefully store menstrual blood ensuring leak-free hours of use.

A close second would have to be the MeLuna cup for being customizable and involving the user to ensure their menstrual cup is perfectly optimized for their bodies and lifestyles. A special shoutout to the Lena Cup for an excellent introduction to the wonders of menstrual cups for first-time users.

Your menstrual cup is personal, so take time to do your research and choose the best period companion for you. The perfect match can empower, comfort, and take care of you for years to come.

If you found this article helpful, feel free to check out our article on reusable sanitary pads.

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