The 6 Best Reusable Menstrual Cups for Low Cervix

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Our Picks

Best Overall: Me Luna SHORTY
Customizable, sustainable, and comfortable- your period's new best friend.
Most Popular: XO Flo Mini
Long use, maximum comfort, and perfect for active lifestyles- the cup for the go-getters.
Most Ethical: Saalt Menstrual Cup
Sustainable, charitable, and a treat to use- Saalt feels good and does good.
Most Comfortable: Libby Cup
Easily folds, excellent grip, and enduring comfort- the makers of 'bloody comfort'.
Best for Beginners: Lily Cup One
Petite, compact, and comfy- the perfect introduction to menstrual cups.
Best for Moms: MermaidCup Guppy
Dynamic, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed- a leak-free gem for moms.

When our periods come knocking and we’re not the happiest of crampers, the right menstrual cup can be a game-changer.

We love menstrual cups for being reusable, environmentally friendly, and easy on the wallet but finding the right one for you depends on a host of factors; some obvious, some not so much. When choosing the right menstrual cup people usually consider size, materials, and brand ethos but an often-overlooked factor that has a huge effect on menstrual cup placement, comfort, and accessibility is the position of one’s cervix… who knew?!

In the same way, periods differ from person to person, cervixes and their positioning are also varied. You can measure your cervix with a simple home examination using your index finger; a cervix located within an inch (felt when knuckle-deep in the canal) of the vaginal opening is considered low. People with a low cervix benefit from certain types of menstrual cups to ensure comfort, easy access, and leak-free periods. Fret not, I’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. 

Here are my top picks for the best reusable menstrual cup for low cervix people:


Best Overall

A customizable menstrual cup with various sizes, colors, and grip options might sound like the plot of a futuristic RomCom with a strong female cast but it’s not- the future is here, baby.

Me Luna, based in Europe, comes in hot as my top pick for its customizable size, color, firmness, and grip options. They’re made from 100% TPE which is as safe as medical-grade silicone but even cooler because it’s easier to recycle. 

There was something wholesome and unique about being so involved in how my menstrual cup looked, felt, and functioned - I felt like the variety of female bodies (from their height, athleticism, and birthing history) were considered, and for that, Me Luna won me over heart, vagina, and mind. 

Even for those looking for low cervix menstrual cup options, the Luna Cups are varied. However, the Me Luna Shorty (size S) is with the ball grip (the easiest grip that is harder to break unlike other brands) is most recommended. It’s easy to clean, short enough to prevent any added pressure or pain, and will easily pop open again after insertion to ensure a secure grip and leak-free fit. The size of the cup does limit folding options for insert but that’s a small (literally) price to pay all things considered. 

Oh, and to make magic out of what is already a winner, the Me Luna Shorty cup is also more affordable than many of its competitors.

XO Flo Mini

Most Popular

I'm not the only one who loves the XO Flo Mini. Highly popular and recommended, this menstrual cup is a crowd-pleaser and for good reason.

The XO Flo Mini’s composition (100% medical-grade silicone) and shape mean my periods are business (and life) as usual. I enjoy 12 hours of use, easy insertion and removal, as well as a level of comfort that never puts pressure on my bladder. 

Sure, its shape and size make it a top scorer, but this mini-miracle earns bonus points for staying comfortable and leak-free even when I go extra hard at the gym- no more ruined days ...or underwear! 

If you’re an active, go-getter with a light flow and low cervix, you might love the XO Flo Mini menstrual cup as much as I do. You can leave the cup’s stem as is or give it a snip to your desired length with no disruption to comfort levels. One small word of caution, while I didn't experience this, in my research I did see some people complain about the beaded stem easily breaking.

Keep her safe and clean and she’ll be your friend in red for years to come and for that the XO Flo Mini also gets our menstrual sustainability badge of approval.

Saalt Menstrual Cup

Most Ethical

You never know where you’ll be 120 periods from now, but you can be sure you’ll be with your Saalt Menstrual Cup. I love that it’s super soft without skimping on the grip so I could enjoy 12 hours of period bliss whether that saw me on the couch or sprinting backwards up Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

Its composition is bell-shaped and 100% reusable, medical-grade silicone so it’s naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and BPA, and latex-free- all highly favored factors when considering the placement menstrual cup. For a low cervix, Saalt's Small or Teen options will be the best menstrual cup option for you.

When it’s not taking care of your own period bliss, each Saalt sale goes towards improving period care and educational opportunities for women and girls in need- whoop!

While this low cervix menstrual cup comes highly praised among active women who enjoy its comfort and hours of wear, the Saalt menstrual cups have been known to be hard to remove and easy to stain.

Libby Cup

Most Comfortable

Ever had a menstrual cup so soft you almost forget you’re even on you’re period? No? The Libby Cup will show you what’s up. Made from soft medical-grade silicone, easy to fold, and available in three sizes; the Libby menstrual Cup is designed to put less pressure on your bladder and cervix making it the CEO of being “bloody comfortable”. 

The size options come in A, B, C with C being the best for those of us with a low or tilted cervix. Its four finger pads and easy-to-fold design make it excellent for busybodies among us. It's easy to fold so it's a breeze to insert the cup and, thanks to its good grip, just as easy to remove. Each menstrual cup comes with a long stem that can be customised to your preferred length by cutting it- you only have one shot though so cut wisely, my dears. 

Though only offering a clear color option, I do love the brand’s inclusion of a single red droplet on each cup- a giant middle finger to the industry’s previous skirting of period realness by representing blood with blue liquid. 

These are the best menstrual cups for anyone looking for maximum comfort.

Lily Cup One

Best for Beginners

If you're a beginner and your cervix is low, I highly recommend the Lily Cup One. As a sucker for anything nifty, I was drawn to its removable loop and double rim that provides leak-free comfort even when I'm active or snoozing. Its cute bubble design allows for high capacity coverage so you can go about your day without having to worry about regular changing.

Its composition is medical-grade silicone so you can look forward to a soft, flexible fit that perfectly moulds to your vaginal walls. Though it only comes in one color, size, and thickness option, this menstrual cup easily folds into its small carrying case so come a giant duffle bag or your tiniest clutch, you can always have your trusty Lily Cup on hand.

It's the best menstrual cup for anyone with a low cervix looking for something petite, comfy, and compact.

MermaidCup Guppy

Best for Moms

If the name doesn't win you over, then perhaps the MermaidCup Guppy Menstrual Cup's host of benefits and color options will do the trick. The brand's Guppy range is specially designed for people whose cervix is low and has included a customizable stem, seam-free finish, and 2 size groups to further improve wear and options.

The two cup size options take into account age and birthing history with each option having different specs. It's also made with medical-grade silicone to ensure the cup sits soft and comfortable inside your vaginal canal for hours of use and period comfort.

Yet be warned, though, with 5 gorgeous color options, this one's not for the indecisive - I opted for Jade Green but the Frosted Blue option still haunts me!

The company's risk-free 100-day money-back guarantee gave me ease of mind and instilled trust before I'd even made my purchase - I thought that was a really thoughtful and considerate touch. MermaidCup even has an exchange warranty should your Guppy tear within the first 12 months of use, which is one of the biggest reasons for 1-star reviews across the menstrual cup industry.

The MermaidCup's strengths don't always work in our favor as the cup's grip and ability to mould to your cervix can make it difficult to remove.

Although I'd recommend the Guppy for anyone, I feel it's an excellent low cervix menstrual cup for anyone who has given birth or has a heavy flow.


Are reusable menstrual cups safe?

Reusable menstrual cups are considered medically safe for your body so long as you follow their safety guidelines and use them correctly.

What is a low cervix?

In the same way that vaginas differ from person to person, so do cervixes. A low cervix simply sits lower down in the vaginal canal and is in no way an indication of poor health.

How do you measure a low cervix?

If you're unsure where your cervix sits, a simple home examination can help you gauge its position. Wash your hands, relax, and insert your index finger into your vaginal canal. A cervix found within an inch of the vaginal opening (a knuckle deep) is considered a low cervix.

How do you insert a menstrual cup with a low cervix?

Having a low cervix means you'll benefit from a smaller or shorter menstrual cup. For insertion, first thing's first, relax. Everything's much easier when your body isn't tense. I suggest you read your menstrual cups guidelines or watch a few online suggestions on folding techniques (I opt for the simple punch fold). Once folded, carefully insert your cup into the vagina until it's just below the cervix. When inserted you may hear the suction sound but don't fret- that's just the sound of your folded cup popping open again and sealing itself to your vaginal walls.

Final Thoughts

Menstrual cups are somewhat of an overachiever. Not only have they trumpeted a solution to single-use period products but they also help people save the planet and their money with up to ten years of use promised (that's longer than most celebrity marriages).

Those of us with low cervixes have a host of products available to us and it's a welcomed change from the bygone days of very limited menstrual options. I could scream the praises of Me Luna Shorty from the rooftops for not only involving women in their choice of menstrual cup but for creating products that are comfortable and effective. I also love love love Saalt menstrual cups for their contributions to period poverty and female education while also being a trusty period companion. Lastly, I have to swoon over MermaidCups for their fun colors and consideration of birthing histories.

If a low cervix cup isn't for you - fret not - I wrote a similar guide for women with a high cervix. And if you're more of a sanitary pad girl, check out our article on the best reusable pads to keep things both comfortable and sustainable!

Whatever your choice in low cervix menstrual cups is, you're doing the world and your wallet a favor and for that, we thank you.

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